Well, here it is. My first post to kick off my site. Perhaps it would be best to mention why I, David Hull, am here? Yes? Ok, let’s do that. So, i’m a soon to be published author, pretty crazy actually saying it out loud (so to speak) but it’s true! My first novel, Born Again, will be making its way into online stores for digital possession within a month and into physical form before the end of the year (in theory). It’s been a struggle to get to this point but now that i’m here… it’s pretty damn terrifying, but in a good way.

You see, i’m a person who struggles with depression and fairly considerable social anxieties. The reasons are varied, but ultimately abuse and ridicule in school by student and teacher alike are the reasons, as for so many of us. Yes, i’ve considered suicide because of course I have. It’s the ultimate full stop to what seems a never ending torment of being alive and vulnerable. But luckily for me, there has been resistance against the worst moments.

Making friends with truly amazing human beings at different stages of my life has been a huge asset to me. When I was lonely and marginalised at school, I was able to lean on them for support. When my career and personal life seemed stalled and irretrievable, a chance encounter with a now treasured friend managed to ignite a renewed passion for life. And now, that passion has crystallised into new and unexpected friends and colleagues intent on including me on a task to improve the world around us.

And of course, my own writing. Staring hopelessly at that blank, white page three years ago and finally typing the first words of my novel and other projects along the way marked an enormous step forward in my own personal healing. I don’t need permission to enjoy my craft, to put my thoughts and feelings into the weird and relatable stories I design. I do it because I enjoy it and hopefully, maybe you will too.

So, first thoughts done and I think I kept the rambling down to a minimum. I’ll be periodically improving this small porthole into my life over the coming months and I hope you find it of some use. Keep an eye out for my announcement of my novel Born Again and I look forward to the future.

Thanks for taking the time to read

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