It has been a monumental pain in the arse and a milestone in my life, but herein lies my first official novel “Born Again” in digital form. A book derived from some of the most painful and empowering moments of my own life.

The story follows Dane, a boy in his last years of high school, as he struggles against suicide and finding a place in the world that seems to not want, or have any interest in him. Before Dane makes the irreversible decision to leave it all behind, a timely intervention by Addison provides Dane with not only a renewed and resilient sense of self, but also somewhere to seek comfort and safety with Addison and her friends Sandra and Pearce, each with their own tortured past.

But it’s not for me to tell you the entire story, go have a read! I hope that your time spent with Dane is an enjoyable one, because it has been for me and I hope it will be for a long time to come.

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