Well, my name is David Hull and I’m an aspiring author. Born in Sydney, New South Wales, I now live in Queensland and have done so for most of my life. I love living in an environment away from the clutter of a capital city or urban heartland. Instead, my time is spent enjoying the serenity of Cyclones, Monsoons and occasional marine predators.

For some time i’ve felt a particular passion for writing, from small tests in school to my own personal work in my spare time. In fact, during the most arduous periods of my life, putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard has presented one of the few means of escapism that I could muster.

And now I hope to turn that ability outwards by penning novels and small dissections of our short human lives. Hopefully I can reach out to many more people and provide a small insight into my own mind and perhaps help encourage more people to express their truest selves to the rest of the world.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy what I have to say. Or not. Whatever floats your boat.